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Gözüm, S., Tuzcu, A., & Kirca, N. (2016). Validity and reliability of the Turkish version of the Nurse Cultural Competence Scale. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 27(5), 487-495. https://doi.org/10.1177/1043659615582089

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Sebahat Gözüm

Content Validity Index. The extent of agreement between the
expert team members was assessed by using a content validity index in the study. The members evaluated the feasibility
and relevance of each item in the scale by rating them from 1
(not relevant) to 4 (very relevant) as follows: 1 = not relevant; 2 = unable to assess relevance without item revision or
item is in need of such revision that it would no longer be relevant; 3 = relevant but needs minor alteration; 4 = very
relevant. The CVI of the scale was calculated by dividing the number of items rated 3 or 4 by the total number of items,
and the value greater than 80% was regarded as a standard for testing expert validity The CVI was 0.98 for the NCCS-T, which meant that the scales were feasible for further use


Internal Consistency and Item Analysis. The scales’ item means,
standard deviations, item–total correlations, and Cronbach
coefficients were determined. Cronbach’s correlation coefficient of the 20-item NCCS-T was found to be .96, and the
corrected item–total correlations of each item varied between
.66 and .81 (p < .05)
Stability. The stability of the NCCS-T was verified by fulfilling test–retest with a 2-week interval. The coefficient of the
NCCS-T was .90

20 items