Fonksiyonel Olmayan Tutumlar Ölçeği 9

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Kaya, C., Chan, F., Brickham, D., Allen, M. Sarı, E., Şanal, M., & Topal, T. (2019). Investigating the measurement structure of the Turkish version of the Dysfunctional Attitudes Scale-9. Current Psychology.

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Cronbach`s alfa birinci faktor icin .78, ikinci faktor icin .85

2 My life is wasted unless I am a success. 4.55 (1.42) .525 .170
4 If a person has to be alone for a long period of time, it follows that he or she has to feel lonely. 4.50 (1.24) .588 .365
3 My value as a person depends greatly on what others think of me. 4.60 (1.35) .539 .406
1 I should be able to please everybody. 4.35 (1.30) .525 .170
7 I should be happy all the time. 4.46 (1.32) .526 .094
6 If someone performs a selfish act, this means that he or she is a selfish person. 4.36 (1.27) .404 .225
5 If a person is not a success, his or her life is meaningless. 4.20 (1.51) .543 .487
9 Turning to someone for advice or help is an admission of weakness. 3.84 (1.43) .173 .838
8 If I do well, it is probably due to chance; If I do badly, it is probably my own fault

5’li likert 1=tamamen katilmiyorum-5=tamamen katiliyorum